Itadaki Box Sakura 2019

Esta es la segunda edición de nuestra #itadakiBox en nuestra tienda oficial. Un equipo de Japón desde Japón #itadakiTeam a seleccionado exclusivos dulces japoneses para ti. Puedes adquirir tu itadaki Box directamente en nuestra tienda. No olvides suscribirte a nuestra lista para obtener un código de descuento ¡itadakimasu!

¿Qué hay adentro de la caja? 


Black Thunder

Black Thunder is cocoa-flavored cookie bar mixed with Japanese-style rice puffs, coated with chocolate.

KitKat Mini Sakura Kinako

The limited edition KitKat Mini Sakura Kinako has the flavor of sweet roasted soybean and a hint of Sakura scent.

カントリーマアム (バニラ&ココア)
Country Ma`am (Vanilla and Choco)

Each vanilla and cocoa flavored biscuit is slightly crispy on the outside and soft and moist in the inside.

Otokuyou Genji Pie

This crispy heart-shaped biscuit has a mild sweetness.

Kameda no Kaki no Tane

Kaki no Tane or Kaki-pi are fragments of Senbei (soy-flavored rice crisps) and peanuts. Its crunchiness and saltiness is best enjoyed when paired with a beer, as it is done in Japan. You can, however, also eat as it as it is.

Kaori Hirogaru Ocha T/B

Ito en's Kaori Hirogaru Ocha is as fragant and mild-tasting Japanese green tea.

Sakura Mochi

This jelly candy is made from mixing Agar-agar powder and glutinous rice flour and infused with a hint of Sakura fragrance.

Pie no Mi Share Pack

This bite-sized biscuit with chocolate filling is a popular chocolate biscuit in Japan. Each piece is composed of 64 super thin pie dough and smooth chocolate filling.


Pokki Sakura Machha

The limited edition Pokki sakura macha is the closest a Pokki can represent Japan in Spring. The pink-colored pretzel is infused with a little scent of Sakura (Cherry Blossoms) and is coated with a bittersweet flavor of mixed matcha and chocolate.

Sakura Fua Fua

This marshmallow-like candy is made up mixture of Agar agar powder and meringue with a sakura flavored Agar agar powder.

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